About the Donation Account

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and their families.

With you Japan has set up a donation account to help the victims of this tragic disaster. Your donation will fund various efforts to support the children of the affected areas as they try to survive and strive for the future.

We greatly appreciate any and all donations in any amount.

<With you Japan Donation Account>
Name of Bank: The Bank of Sumitomo Mitui (Bank Code: 0009)
Name of Branch: Ginza (Branch Code: 026)
Account Type: Ordinary savings
Account Number: 8492913
Account Holder: With you Japan (ウイズユージヤパン)

* Please note that the fees involved in initiating a transfer will be your responsibility.
* No refund or cancellation will be possible once the process is initiated. Please ensure the amount you wish to donate is indicated correctly prior to proceeding.

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